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Female entrepreneur Kelly de Roo longed for something uncommon when she started her dream business. She asked us to develop an extraordinary concept to transform her passion into a new manicure brand. A brand based on authenticity, quality, sophistication, kindness and confidence.
We’ve created a mobile salon concept; The Nail Therapist. Feel welcome to step into her world and meet the brand personality with two identities – together they are forming an inseparable whole.

Humanizing the brand with a strong, fictional personality is a strategy that has not been seen in the industry before. She, a young vibrant lady, with eye for detail, is the queen of self-care and wants to give you her full attention during a manicure. She, along with many other women, is facing insecurities and struggles. It’s her resolve to no longer hide these feelings, but accept and embrace them gracefully!

Along with other women, she feels society is done with faking perfection. She wants to take the pressure off the beauty industry in a disruptive way by owning two different appearances. This makes the brand very human and real in a way that is relatable for the customer.

We worked on an initial strategy to understand the target market, and how they interact with the brand on social media. We carefully crafted imagery that frames the brand personality in the best light possible. We designed the truck interior, with perfect styling to showcase both identities.

Alongside beautiful imagery showcasing the product in an effortless way, we established a brand tone and voice through copywriting that communicated to their audience. Our aim was to capture unique and natural visuals that convey the aspirational lifestyles of their customers whilst maintaining a product focus.

The mission of The Nail Therapist is: To make women feel invited, secure and comfortable, and to have a moment of relaxation and self reflection whenever it suits them. She wants women to inspire and experience a space where there is room for emotions and shameless storytelling.

1. The Nail Therapist is her identity for daily life.
With this appearance, she creates beautiful, natural, soft  nails on daily basis at your city square, in the middle of the park or at the local market. A mobile oasis where you can escape the daily rush. She is also your go-to therapist to have a good coffee, chat or laugh.

2. But she is also there for you in times you want to go all in!  Let’s go crazy with Trailer Trash by The Nail Therapist – the second identity, especially during festival seasons.

She realized that people judge nail technicians and salons as being cheesy and trashy sometimes, right?So what?! Trailer Trash is all about embracing the extra glittering, color poppin’ and shiny manicures that match your abundant moods during a Tomorrowland weekend! Her mood is now and then all about creating playful and evocative experiences! The Nail Therapist encourages you to no longer hide. Dare to be your authentic you.

Because everyone has a trashy side, right?

           COPYWRITING                     PHOTOGRAPHY.           GRAPHIC DESIGN