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A real estate developer with housing projects all over the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Their speciality lies in the development of complex inner-city districts. Inspired by urban challenges that we face on a global scale, Novaform felt the need to act progressively.

With this passionate company we’ve created a future-proof brand strategy. It seamlessly matches their offline identity and company culture, which is based on expertise, humanity and trust.

Novaform is a humble, but visionary company with many legendary stories of expertise to share. These stories tell what they can do with a few square meters to create better urban environments. They are innovative stories, exploiting future techniques and new architectural approaches. Above all, they are human stories, about collaborations with residents and other stakeholders. These stories are meaningful and unique.

We decided they needed a way to tell them, and so share their vision with the world.

The Novaform2 highlights what needs to be shared in a specific project, technique or market development. It is a communication tool that allows Novaform to collaborate with clarity- both online and offline with stakeholders and clients. Their mission is to make these stakeholders, and especially new clients, aware of what the true Novaform added-value is. No matter if you are be a government organization, an architect, or a first home buyer in a development, it frames their vision, inspiration and expertise for future living environments. 

To frame this fine concept, we turned it into reality. The sophisticated square became the visual framework for the online and social strategy.

So, we developed the Novaform2 (pronounced as the Novaform square meter).  Square meters are the measurement units for real estate developers like Novaform. They speak about a square meter as if it is their first language. It’s the foundation, the base, the start of every new project.


We designed a professional website, with great new copywriting and graphic design: plus a brand video and a variety of short social videos—art  directed and shot in Eindhoven. The imagery breathes life into this forward-thinking company, supported by portrait photography of all employees and interior photos of their offices. 

Plus, for the creative campaign we designed an interior light object—the Novaform2 in real life.

Now, whenever clients visit one of their 4 offices in Europe, the online identity matches the offline experience.


                           WEB DESIGN.                COPY WRITING               TREND INSIGHTS