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Inspired by the brand heritage, we replaced their famous mascot Lila, for a time, with the real cows of Milka. And with field marketing agency Opvallers we created an outdoor campaign for Milka. The mission was to make people aware of the brand heritage and tenderness Milka has for their key ‘employees’—the cows of the Alps. This high-traffic brand activation allowed Milka to share their story—and people to got to know the real cows.

We built picturesque lilac barns, with hay, farmers and milk barrels to match the brand identity. With perfect imagery and signage, we showcased real Milka cows, using their portraits, names and characteristics. People could read personalized, real-cow profiles, and fun facts about their unique personalities.

We created a brand experience in which people not only got to know the real cows of Milka, but also gave these furry hard-workers recognition and appreciation by allowing fans to vote for their favorite.


This online personalization of each cow created an experience people could identify with. Sampling Milka chocolate, voting on the spot, and winning a meet-and-greet with a favourite cow created a highly engaging and successful heritage activation.

The winning cow received special treatment at her farm—like an extra massage, a delicious treat or an award. People who voted could win a chance to meet their favorite cow at the farm! Plus, they could express gratitude via fan-mail to their favorite. And it didn’t stop with brand activation. It continued in new packaging for supermarkets, an Instagram strategy and online rankings.