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Starting a premium meat webshop for consumers in the current climate feels a bit wrong, right
But why is that?

Considering today’s ethical and social challenges, there are several reasons to not eat meat, now, on a daily basis. Such as better meat substitutes, and changed thinking re animal welfare and climate change.
But, let’s be honest, none of these change the sensory experience – from time to time – of consuming a perfectly prepared steak.

A major part of the brand strategy is acknowledging and embracing the fact that eating meat is a bit naughty.  Meat became something desired and enjoyed, despite not always held in high regard. Inspired by these social and ethical challenges we redefined meat as a guilty pleasure (very relatable, we all have one.. or two?).


We embraced a bold brand strategy—all about delivering pleasurable experiences and seductively triggering our desires. Not about selling meat—not at all!

The mission is to make customers aware and selective when consuming meat. Choose premium.  By communicating in a suggestive but elegant manner, we shake up the meat industry as we know it.  If you are a meat lover, flexitarian or even a vegan (your secret is safe with us), INAMOOD is your online platform. And an app where you can order high quality, portioned, deeply-frozen meat, delivered to your doorstep.

Our aim was to embrace seductive and suggestive visuals that convey the aspirational lifestyle of the customer while maintaining a product focus. We conceived an identity able to expand with the brand as it moves into delivery and events. And as the client requested, we’re monitoring all of the conceptual content.

Our main aim? A brand that stands out in the market as a marker of high-end meat. Do good and choose INAMOOD.

We established a brand tone of voice through copywriting that communicated to their audience.

Suggestive, raw, dominant, a bit naughty, and with a certain amount of humor.

Lust at first bite.

Even though I look innocent,
I wasn’t born to be soft and quiet.

I was born to make the world shatter and shake at my fingertips.

I don’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints. We all have our reasons.

I support all questionable decisions.
Because we all have demons and you choose to feed yours.

I have a good heart but a bad temper.

In a moment of madness,
I do very bad things and I do them very well.

You’re playing my game now,
so sink your teeth into my flesh.

What’s the matter – afraid of the temptation?

I promise to always be by your side.
Or under you. Or on top.

I will be good to you.
Let me please you. Let me distract you.

Because never eating meat again would be like cheating
on your own feelings.

And we all know that bad choices make good stories.

So are you in a mood for something good?