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Disrupt the corporate world, change the status quo, and share pioneering insights into how to make work more fun! Joost & Pim quit their corporate jobs in 2016 to do all this. They simply could not accept that the world of work – for many – is a place of misery and despair. To fight those soul-detroying workplaces, they started a blog. To check off their Bucket List of the most inspiring workplaces, they travelled the world. They combined these practical insights with academic findings from their PhD research. And they shared everything they learned.

Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, The Huffpost, BBC and The Guardian.  Along the way, they’ve been nominated for several awards and listed among the “Top 30 Emergent Management Thinkers” by the Thinkers50 Institute.

The bold and brave mission of two young men traversing the globe and consulting with big corporates, demands a rebellious, yet professional, brand strategy. Inspired by pioneers and protests from the past, we created an authentic and global brand identity—the Corporate Rebels.

Pim and Joost are pioneers in their research and success. So, their faces and story became the foundation of this brand strategy. Other than speaking to CEO’s in the boardrooms of Hugo Boss, GUCCI and Microsoft… there is nothing “corporate” about these two. They are very humble and down to earth.

And as they are manifesting, writing and speaking from a strong voice within, the mission became to build a clear brand identity that will be recognized all over the world as ‘Corporate Rebels’.

The color scheme throughout the entire brand identity contains touches of red, the color associated with vitality, strength and courage. It’s a color of attention, and it’s as energetic as their mission.

The website we designed became more than a blog. It’s an online platform where rebels around the world join the revolution to making work more fun. This online space is where Pim and Joost share their insights with as many people as possible, and start new conversations.

With authentic photography, we translate their lifestyle into visual imagery. Boyish, global, edgy and clean—and art-directed by us.

The book. A management book, carefully designed—the Corporate Rebels way—clean, but very different. Inspired by a portable notebook, we conceived a book design with playful sketches and edgy fonts to tell their authentic story.

A strong brand identity is the result: one that allows the Corporate Rebels to grow thier activities and impact around the world.

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