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This is our mantra to
get. it. right.

VLERK&LIEM is a concept agency driven to make jaws drop – in fundamental, human, simple and surprising ways. We conceive ideas that are trend-based, culture-defining and

It’s time to lossen up a bit.
Show some courage.



We believe in the power of ice cream. In its diversity, creativity and simplicity. Amen!
Steve Jobs once said, “If you want to make everyone happy, sell ice cream”. So that is what we do, kind of… Childish? We’d rather call it effective. With The Ice Cream® Strategy, we build strong, trend-based brands that show up in culture. 

We create provoking concepts, from Cone to Topping (nothing beats chocolate sprinkles). It’s the perfect flavour mix of a deep understanding of changing society and redefining how to be relevant as a brand.

Areas where we’re dropping jaws:
Branding & Identity, Experiences (campaigns, brand activation), Trends (research & future insights). We are a full-service agency, so we decide exactly what collateral you’ll need to tell your brand story. Such as photography, videography, digital design and copywriting.

Whether you are Mercedes Benz (preferably the G63), Ikea or the local florist…. it doesn’t matter what market you are in. And, if the challenge is tangible, no doubt we’re in!